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9 Reasons why Learning Spanish is smart

Learning Spanish has many important benefits. Learning Spanish improves the chances of moving further up in your career. Traveling to Spanish-speaking countries becomes more convenient; learning Spanish makes networking easier and much more. Let’s dive deep into the pros of learning Spanish!

1. Job Opportunities

When you add bilingualism as a skill in your resume, you set yourself apart from other candidates. Spanish with English in the list of languages will increase your chance of getting a job.

Some careers require Spanish as the official language, while in others, Spanish can be a bonus to your job. In the medical industry, where you interact with locals, Spanish is essential to get connected to them. Similarly, Customer Service Representative Jobs require Spanish to converse with a local client effectively.

Besides that, translators/interpreters are highly demandable. Nearly every corporation that deals with multilingual people needs one to ease their communication. It is a high-paying job.

Just because you have Spanish in your resume, you may get a chance to travel a lot. Or you may even be promoted to a higher position in a branch in Latin American countries.

2. Study Abroad!

Many students desire to study abroad. However, they tend not to push on with the application due to language barriers.

Many educational institutes offer bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., or exchange programs. With a second language like Spanish, you will rethink it when applying to a Spanish-only program. Your chance of acceptance would increase. Besides that, even if it is not a Spanish-only program, you will be at a significant advantage with Spanish by your side. Unlike other students, you can delve into the Spanish-speaking environment quickly.

3. Latin Culture and Food!

While roaming the streets of a Hispanic Country, you will recognize words and phrases; you will understand signboards, hear the chatters of a passer-by, or listen to the TV noise coming out of a house. This will enrich your experience as you can link to them and make you wonder how intertwined cultures are.

Talking to locals will enlighten you about Spanish culture. You will learn about their history, tradition, religion, ethics, etc., quickly and directly without translations. A direct account of locals is worth so much more than when some translate it.

When you head to a restaurant to eat, you can easily read the menu or converse with the waiter for recommendations. You can try the countries’ cuisines easily without any hassle and tantalize your taste buds.

4. Enjoy Entertainment and Literature!

Learning Spanish opens you to a dimension of entertainment and literature. You’ll be able to access excellent literature and exotic Spanish entertainment.

You can watch the famous La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) without tiptoeing your eyes between subtitles and visuals, nor will you experience voice artists behind the actors in dubbing. It will be a whole new experience to watch and understand Movies/TV-Series in the Spanish Language.

In Addition to that, you can now grab famous Spanish novels. Long gone will be the days when you were only to read English Novels. You will also be able to listen to Latin music that has taken over the world in recent years. There’s no stopping to Spanish entertainment. There is a lot more out there once you begin searching!

5. Self-Improvement!

Being bilingual effects self-improvement a lot. Most people will say, why is it necessary to learn a foreign language? Why put more stress on your brain?

Learning a different language requires dedication, and you feel accomplished and satisfied when you master the new language. This will improve your confidence and self-trust; in turn, you can take on much more significant challenges in your life.

Spanish is considered to be an affectionate language. It has an ample amount of words you can use to express feelings. Therefore, speaking Spanish transforms you into a completely different person. You are prone to express your feelings easily and more expressively.

Additionally, the brain becomes active when you switch between the languages you know. It makes your brain healthier and more effective. Besides that, when you use your brain actively, it gets strong and boosts your memory. Learning Spanish words, grammar, and vocab develops your memory effectively.

6. ¡Nuevas amistades!

Language connects people. When you learn Spanish, you can speak to around 534 million more people worldwide. It’s unnecessary to wait until Vacation to meet them. You can meet Spanish Speakers on the internet, on business trips, or even in your hometown.

People feel comfortable when they converse in their native language. Thus, when you approach Spanish natives, you can talk to them in Spanish and build a connection with them. You both will find something familiar and develop a bond of friendship. You can benefit from them by polishing your Spanish and learning more about Hispanic Culture. It will be a new experience to make friends beyond the usual circle.

7. Spanish is a gateway to other languages.

Once you master Spanish, there’s no stopping there. Spanish has similarities with other languages, primarily romantic ones, like Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, and French! If you decide to learn more languages, the pace of learning will be faster. The core vocabulary and sentence styles are almost identical for all these languages.

Additionally, since you grab the basic tricks of learning a new language, you can utilize the same tricks to learn other languages worldwide. It is good to be multilingual or a polyglot.

8. Improves Your English

If you are a native English speaker, you would have learned to speak English through the natural process. You would have got corrected by parents, teachers, and friends. However, you may be unaware of the rules behind the language.

When you study a foreign language like Spanish, you enter a different language-learning environment. You learn with rules, grammar rules. Most Spanish Teachers, like me, link these rules to the grammar rules in English. That way, you will connect the rules behind your mother tongue and improve it!

9. Enjoy Your Vacations more.

Monolinguals prefer traveling to a country where the language they know is spoken. Spanish is an official language in 21 countries across the world. You can add these 21 extrinsic countries to your bucket list by learning Spanish.

With the locals’ language, you can roam the town quickly and handle many situations without a hassle. It relieves one from language barrier anxiety in a foreign country. You will be much more confident while traveling since you can converse with anyone on the streets.

If you ever get lost, you won’t have to use Google Maps to find the way or carry a dictionary with you to converse with the locals. Spanish on your tongue will solve all your problems. Besides, you can save money by enjoying courtesy discounts or deals with the locals. When locals know they can smoothly converse with a tourist, they usually offer you all kinds of hospitality.

Enjoy all the free Spanish Lessons at and witness all these benefits!