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YES! you can learn Spanish in 3 months; depending on your natural inquisition, how fast you develop a flow of Spanish on your tongue and in your mind will depend on the person, but it’s possible.

You want to be proficient in Spanish in 3 months. It’s going to take a lot of commitment. For Example, the learner often has to visit a Hispanic country for the three months to become proficient in the language. However, it requires effort; you need to be consistent throughout the process and stay committed. Since you learned that you could learn Spanish in 3 months, here are some tips on doing that!

Set Goals:

Without committing yourself to a deadline, you will not be wary of the learning process you will be adapting to; consequently, achieving proficiency in 3 months will not be possible. Therefore, before starting the lessons, mark a target for yourself – in your case, three months. Once the goal is determined, make a daily schedule. The schedule will include the hours you’ll spend learning the language and the exercises you will be doing.

For weekends, you can opt for other types of learning mentioned in the article so that you learn Spanish by going through a relevant course and immersing yourself in it.

Vocabulary and Numbers are what you need:

Start working on the vocabulary as soon as you get your hands on Spanish Alphabet. Basic and frequently used vocabulary will fulfill your requirement. Learning the commonly used words in Spanish helps you communicate efficiently and makes you fluent within months. Please create a list of languages you are learning and practice them by making sentences or using them in a conversation. For Example, you must know how to say these phrases in Spanish “May I know where this place is?” or “Hey, nice to meet you!”. Similarly, numbers are essential to learning as they will help you in monetary conversations like restaurant bills or bus tickets!

You might be wondering about the absence of grammar here. Indeed, grammar is essential to be proficient in a language, but second-language speakers usually ignore it. Time spent learning grammar is too much that learning Spanish won’t be achieved in the desired time. Basic grammar is suggested, one that helps the speaker to form a sentence.

Speak Spanish:

Now that you know the vocabulary you need to learn, it’s time to speak Spanish! Practice speaking Spanish. There are many ways to do that: practice speaking sentences in front of the mirror, associate certain things in your house with Spanish words; if you live in a Hispanic Country, then communicate with the natives, or if you don’t, then a virtual conversation is also a viable option.

Another way of practicing speaking is listening to a speaker and repeating what he says. This way, you will get the accent and correct pronunciation. Listen to them carefully and repeat what they speak slowly. This is the best way to progress and improve fluency within three months.

Don’t stress out when you make mistakes. Mistakes will come in the form of incorrect pronunciation or wrong word usage. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t progressing with Speaking Spanish. When you make a mistake, check the reference through which you added the word on the list or always google stuff to clear your errors.

Watch, Read and Listen:

To fully understand a language, watching movies/TV Series, listening to music/podcasts, or reading books/Magazines in the language you are learning is suggested. While making the schedule, allot time for one of the stuff daily to make it a part of the learning process. After going through instructional videos, one needs the entertainment to relax what’s better than watching movies or listening to music in Spanish after a hefty Spanish Language lecture?

If you can’t set time for that, then the weekend is there to watch movies and tv series. Meanwhile, you can download podcasts or audiobooks for weekdays to listen to them while commuting, exercising, doing house chores, or working. But, again, the point is not to understand what the headphones deliver but to immerse your brain in the new language.

Reading also helps to make one familiar with Spanish words and phrases. It will be difficult to read and understand at the start, but as your progress, you will be able to read fluently and learn new words. Many famous novels are in Spanish; you don’t want to miss reading them!

Online Courses and Tutor:

Learning Spanish in 3 months is a complicated process; without guidance, it will be difficult for you to complete within the set goals. It is recommended that online classes are great as you can take them at your ease. They are available for free, while some ask for little money for their effort. Teacher Catalina offers free Spanish Courses on YouTube.

With suitable courses, you also need guidance on how to go through with them and complete them effectively in 3 months. There are many online tutors available on the internet. Some are free, while others offer payment for their services. Contact Teacher Catalina for a customized course and ask me for any guidance related to scheduling, course content, or daily practice; I will always be there to help you.

Practice, Practice, and Practice:

Nothing is possible to achieve without practice. If you don’t practice, you will waste all the effort you applied to learn Spanish. Therefore, practice wherever and whenever you are. Speak, read, and write whatever you learn. Not only three months, but with practice, you might have conversational proficiency within weeks.

Last Words:

It is possible to learn Spanish. However, it would help if you had the motivation, determination, and commitment to pave your way to a proficient Spanish Language in 3 months. Remember what you need: Set Goals, Common Words and Phrases, Daily Spanish Speaking, Spanish Entertainment, Right Online Courses and Tutor and PRACTISE!