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Welcome to my blog, where I write all about how and why I teach and so much more.

9 Reasons to Learn Spanish using YouTube Video Lessons

YouTube lessons are best to learn Spanish. YouTube has become the leading learning facilitator. It has a wide variety of learning material available from different teachers and coaching centers. Therefore, it is easy to find a channel to learn Spanish and to get your hands on it quickly because it’s always available.

To learn Spanish …

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How to Learn Spanish with Dyslexia

Learning Spanish for people with dyslexia requires the right learning method, focusing on Listening to Spanish speakers and repeating. Growing Your vocabulary will help improve your grammar more easily. The Spanish Phonemic awareness you have been developing is essential for writing in Spanish. Spanish is a widely spoken language in the world. It has the…

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Why it’s so important to Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish has many important benefits. Learning Spanish improves the chances of moving further up in your career. Traveling to Spanish-speaking countries becomes more convenient; learning Spanish makes networking gets smoother and much more. Let’s dive deep into the pros of learning Spanish!

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How do dyslexics learn a new language

For people with Dyslexia to improve their foreign language learning, the most effective approach is the phonological approach. This approach is highly recommended by foreign language institutions and is beneficial for people with Dyslexia.

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Virtual teacher working hours and schedule

There are pros and cons to working from home as a virtual teacher. The flexibility in the schedule is something I especially appreciate. Depending on the company, you may have total flexibility or some specific requirements regarding your schedule and availability.

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YES! you can learn Spanish in 3 months; depending on your natural inquisition, how fast you develop a flow of Spanish on your tongue and in your mind will depend on the person, but it’s possible.

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4 Steps To Become a Spanish Teacher in Illinois

To become a Spanish Teacher in Illinois, you Need  Bachelor’s Degree or a Spanish education major at an approved teacher preparation program. ACT, SAT, or Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Spanish Content Exam Provide necessary documentation to the Department of Education First, Bachelor’s Degree  You Will Need to Attend college…

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How Do I Get My Child to Do his/her Homework?

Giving your child the support, motivation & environment they need to do their homework without the daily struggle is the key to success.  At some point in parenting, we always face the dilemma of how to make our child do his/her homework. It seems daunting, and parents usually have trouble motivating their children. But, on…

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