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Do You Get Paid More for Speaking Spanish?

Yes, Spanish Speaking can increase your pay, marketability and salary. Spanish ads a tremendous value to your profile, which can grant you key-task and extra pay.

While working at a company with a job description that requires you to talk to other companies/branches globally, you must be eloquent in other languages. For Example, when you call a company abroad, the call representative may start speaking Spanish. You may be stunned by the sudden flow of Spanish words. Hence, in the future, you will then be forced to say ‘Hello, May I speak to an English Representative?’ (in Spanish: ‘Hola, ¿puedo hablar con un representante en inglés?’.).

That was just one situation. It is highly recommended that you start taking some Spanish Lessons. It won’t only get you out of temporary troubles, but it will benefit you with pay raises, promotion, respect, key assignments and will open many doors. Let’s look at whether learning Spanish gets you paid more or not?

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Key Assignment

Your company wants to send a delegation to a Latin American Country. Your employee knows that you speak Spanish and English. They’ll make you the Head of the group and give you a pay raise for the trip along with other benefits. The company knows that the group will be comfortable with a Spanish speaking office pal rather than a hired translator. This will improve the productivity of the delegation and will prove to be fruitful for the company. Also, communicating in the native language helps you build trust in your meetings. Thus, Spanish added a tremendous value to your profile that not only granted you a key-task but an extra stipend as well.


Applying for a Customer Service Representative in a multination company or one that deals with international clients? Being bilingual will be the icing on the cake! In addition to English, when you add Spanish proficiency to your CV or resume, it differentiates you from other candidates. Not only your chance of recruitment significantly increases, but your pay could also be more than a monolingual Customer Service Representative.

Skill Differential

While already on the job, you can benefit from the differentials – it depends solely on your company policy. You can research your company policy and ask the HR Department about the differential pay concept. If they are available, you can approach your boss and enlighten him/her with your added skill. You will be tested, and upon clearing the exam, you will benefit from the ‘Skill Differential. Not only will you get extra pay, but chances of promotion may rise as well.

Aumento de sueldo

Moreover, even if your company does not offer a pay differential, you can always opt for pay raise. You may research on what bilinguals are offered in different companies with the matching job description. If they are getting decent and raised pay, then you can approach your boss with a proposal as well. Remember always to act professionally when requesting a pay raise. Schedule a meeting with him/her and justify the reason for the pay raise. Although it may require some decision and thinking time, eventually, you may get one since who will let down an additional skilled person?

Now you see how essential Spanish Speaking skills are in increasing your marketability and increasing your salary. Who doesn’t need extra money? Head over to TeacherCatalina.com to learn Spanish!

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