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Why I believe teachers are so important

Why are teachers so crucial to a Nation & the World 

Teachers are the backbone of the future success of a nation. They nourish the students and indirectly bring the economic development of a country.

Teachers are our second parents. They are the second human being from whom we learn things after our parents. They give our children the start they need, prepare them for the future and serve as an inspiration to be successful in the world.
Teachers are so important that the world won’t move ahead without them. We would have been stuck in the same period for centuries. They are the mode of progression, success, and imparting knowledge. There is so much more to this profession than is highlighted worldwide. Let me explain why teachers are so important!

Passing down Knowledge

One of the fundamental purposes a teacher serves is to pass down the knowledge the teachers gained in their educational period and life. A good teacher passes the information so that it keeps impacting the student’s life. Therefore, teachers start with the young kids and build their foundation so that a student’s basics are strong and they can use them and keep progressing. Furthermore, if the teacher teaches a suitable manner & etiquette, a student will profit from these lessons for a lifetime. Hence a good teacher passes down knowledge and information such that his student remembers it for the rest of his life.


A teacher becomes a mentor to his students as soon as a student comes under their domain. They become role models for them. The connection between a student and a teacher is such that whenever in life a student is stuck, the teacher will always help him out. They are the finest career guide available to students. Teachers are available to students even if they have a terrible history. They’ll always appreciate their students, congratulate them on their achievements and guide them correctly for the future. They are the mentor’s students who need to push themselves to try harder and be successful.

Character Builder

Teachers are known for changing the behaviors of students. With all kinds of students in a classroom, everyone has their own set of problems. Teachers are the first to notice the signs of problems that a student is facing. They then try to solve the problem by calling the student separately or engaging the whole class. Earlier character building is permanent and stays for a lifetime.

Role Models

As mentioned before, teachers are the second human being from whom we get access to knowledge, gain information, and learn a lot about character building. In short, they are the role models we look towards outside of our homes. We seem to have celebrities, athletes, and politicians as role models, but we know that our hearts and minds have been following what our teachers taught us in schools. We all have that favorite teacher we admire and want to be like in the future. Without teachers in our life, we would be missing a more significant part of true inspiration.

Future Investment

Teachers are the driving force of children and youth. Once they pass through their educational phase of life, they enter the professional arena and apply their skills for the betterment of the corporation. The education that the teacher provides affects the individual and society as a whole. Their effort in shaping students’ skills, improving their productivity, and enhancing their creativity makes them use these skills in the future. As a consequence, the country benefits from such students and prospers. Therefore, teachers are the backbone of the future structure of a nation. They nourish the students and indirectly bring the economic development of a country.


The teaching career requires hard work and dedication. Teachers are assumed to be working during school hours only, but the reality is adverse. Their work never ends, and they have to work around the clock. They sometimes work late after school hours to complete the student’s grading. This responsibility is huge since they are investing in the country’s future, and any wrong step would negatively impact the students. Their dedication makes them do the same thing that teaches the same course every year to different students. It is repetitive and clichéd but a hefty responsibility that teachers successfully bear.

Guidance and Counseling

Teachers are the best people to counsel with. Whether it is about your future path, grades, extracurriculars, or anything related or not related to education. The teacher who has taught a student better understands his strengths and weaknesses. When the student approaches him for counseling, he will give him the best guidance the student will hear because the teacher knows him well academically. They’ll explain the situation effortlessly, considering the student’s surroundings, and guide them accordingly. Similarly, they are easily accessible and can give students advice from all walks of life.

Positive and Patient

Teachers had to handle a class of not 1 or 2 but many students depending on the average class size of a school. Yet, despite the unraveling environment of the classroom, they patiently and positively handle the class without letting their emotions cloud their judgment. Sometimes, they get crossed because of the student’s behavior, but their positive attitude never allows them to be the class’s devil.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is one of the finest occupations in the world. It can be difficult and challenging at times but the benefits of being a teacher are numerous. The success behind a community is the teachers who groomed the front-line leaders of a community. Let us take a moment and appreciate the teachers who impacted our lives!