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Conjugation of Ser Made Easier

The Verb Ser means (To be) and is a crucial verb to know in Spanish. The verb Ser allows you to speak about yourself and others.
Learning how to conjugate the verb ser in the present tense will enable you to talk about yourself and others regarding when you want to say, “I am … You are … He is … etc.”

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Adjectives in Spanish

Adjectives in Spanish Made Easier

Adjectives in Spanish just like in English describe a noun. In Spanish, adjectives must agree in gender and number to the noun that they describe. In simple terms: If the noun is feminine and singular, the adjective should be feminine and singular. If the noun is plural and masculine, the adjective should be masculine and plural. 

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How to Conjugate ar verbs

Conjugating ar Verbs Made Easier

To conjugate an -ar verb you remove the ending (-ar), and you add a new ending based on the subject or person performing the action.

Learn the Conjugation of Ar with FREE Video lessons, charts, Examples & worksheets.

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Conjugating er & ir verbs Explained

To conjugate er and ir verbs you remove the ending (-er or -ir) and you add a new ending based on the subject or person performing the action.

Conjugating regular -er & -ir verbs works exactly the same way we learned how to conjugate -ar verbs, however, we have different endings. 

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Teacher Salary in the United States of America

Many teachers in the United States are underpaid. While the national average for K-12 teachers is $64,524, it varies significantly by state. Unfortunately, many teachers are underpaid for performing one of the most critical tasks for the next generation:

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