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Colombia Travel Blog: A 2023 Insight into a Diverse and Vibrant Destination

Colombia, a vibrant country in the heart of South America, my homeland, is a tapestry of culture, nature, and unforgettable experiences. As I journeyed through its landscapes in 2023, I was left awe-inspired. Here’s a glance into my voyage:

Inside the Colombian Rural Farm Life

Venturing into the heart of Colombia, I got a firsthand look into its rural farm life. The patchwork of green fields, the sound of roosters in the morning, and the warmth of the Colombian farmers is an experience like no other. This is where you’ll truly feel the soul of the nation, savoring freshly brewed coffee and reveling in the rhythms of the countryside. Read more

Extreme Sports in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Villa de Leyva isn’t just for its colonial charm. Adrenaline junkies are in for a treat here, with paragliding, mountain biking, and rock climbing among the myriad options. Read more

Altitude Sickness in Colombia

Colombia’s varying altitudes can catch travelers off guard. Bogotá, sitting over 2,600 meters above sea level, left me gasping on my first day. A key tip? Take it slow, hydrate, and listen to your body. Read more

Horseback Riding in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Journeying on horseback through the cobblestoned streets of Villa de Leyva was a timeless experience. The serene landscapes and the relaxed pace of the ride made it a highlight. Read more

Hors Riding in Colombia with Teacher Catalina

Unforgettable Experience with Locals in Cochahuaira, Colombia

From shared meals to impromptu dance lessons, my moments with the people of Cochahuaira will forever be etched in my memory. Their genuine hospitality and intriguing stories offered a rich layer to my travel narrative. Read more

Experience the Local Culture in Colombia

During the last few years that I have visited Villa de Leyva, I kept hearing about unique activities in Gachantivá therefore, during our last trip, we ventured out of Villa de Leyva and joined different activities known as “talleres vivenciales”. Read more

How to Use a Public Restroom in Colombia

Travelers, note this! Always carry some pesos and toilet paper. Some public restrooms may charge a fee or may not have the necessary amenities. Read more

Changing Dollars to the Colombian Peso

Exchange rates can be daunting, but in 2023, it’s seamless with numerous ATMs and exchange bureaus. Always check for the best rates and ensure you have some local currency on hand. Read more

Driving in Bogotá, Colombia

Brace yourself! The traffic in Bogotá is notorious. Stay alert, follow local norms, and preferably, use local transportation or hire a driver if you’re unfamiliar with the roads. Read more

How Colombians Drink Hot Chocolate

A delightful experience! Colombians serve their hot chocolate with cheese. Dunk the cheese in the hot beverage, let it melt a bit, and enjoy! Read more

Driving from Bogotá to Villa de Leyva, Colombia

This 3-hour journey unveiled landscapes of astonishing beauty. But be wary of the mountainous roads and occasional fog. Read more

Ciclovía in Bogotá

Every Sunday, Bogotá transforms as its main roads become car-free zones for cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians. It’s a citywide celebration of health and community! Read more

Using your Cell Phone’s Call and Data while Traveling Through Colombia

International roaming can be pricey. Buying a local SIM card is easy and cost-effective. Ensure your phone is unlocked before the trip. Read more

Plaza Mayor Villa de Leyva, Colombia

The expansive cobblestone square, surrounded by colonial buildings, is the heart of Villa de Leyva. Here, history mingles with everyday life. Read more

Plaza Villa de Leyva Colombia

Plaza de Mercado, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

An explosion of colors and aromas! Fresh produce, local crafts, and infectious energy make it a must-visit. Read more

Plaza de Mercado, Villa de Leyva

Touring Villa de Leyva, Colombia on a Chiva

Hop onto a ‘Chiva’, a colorful wooden bus, for a lively tour of Villa de Leyva. Sing, dance, and soak in the town’s beauty! Read more

El Museo del Chocolate – Chocolate Museum – Villa de Leyva, Colombia

For chocoholics, this is paradise. Dive deep into the history of chocolate and, of course, sample some exquisite varieties. Read more

Las onces, a Colombian Tradition

This mid-afternoon snack ritual is more than just food. It’s about gathering, sharing stories, and savoring local treats like ‘pandebono’ ‘oblea’ or ‘almojábana’. Read more


In essence, Colombia is a blend of the old and the new, offering travelers a spectrum of experiences. From its bustling cities to tranquil towns, every corner of Colombia promises memories that will last a lifetime.