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4 Steps To become a Spanish Teacher in Connecticut

The 4 Steps To become a Spanish Teacher in Connecticut, 

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university 
  2. Complete an Approve Education Teacher Preparation program 
  3. Obtain a passing score on the appropriate ACTFL tests.
  4. Get an Initial Educator Certificate

First,Bachelor’s Degree

you Will Need to Attend college to earn your Bachelor’s Degree in education with ideally a major in Spanish. The Bachelor’s Degree Has to be from a Regionally accredited college or university. 

Secondly, ASETP

Complete an Approved Secondary Education Teacher Preparation program. This will be included in your Bachelor’s if you Major in education & Spanish. For more information, go to the official Website of the Connecticut Department of Education Website 

Thirdly,ACTFL tests

Obtain a passing score on the appropriate ACTFL tests. This testing will depend on the Bachelor’s Program you did. If you are planning to do your Bachelor’s in education with a major in Spanish, this will include the test in most Programs offered in Connecticut. 

However, Connecticut has a beautiful website that will help you with the process of becoming a teacher. This Website offers chats with real people to help you find out what is the best teaching career for YOU Website 

Fourth, Get an Initial Educator Certificate.

For more information, Go to the Connecticut Official State Website 


Becoming a Spanish teacher in Connecticut is a long process. However, we hope we made it easier for you to navigate. If you are working towards becoming a Spanish Teacher or are learning Spanish, please feel free to use and share all our Resources, including Handouts, Videos, and more. 

Please understand that we do not make any state rules and have no influence on testing or requirements for becoming a Spanish teacher. All the information is to help you guide the process, but you should always check the Official Government Websites for Any official Information.