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The 21 Basic Spanish one important topics, Learn Spanish for Free

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The 21 basic Spanish Grammar concepts are: 

  1. Subject Pronouns
  2. Conjugation of the verb Ser
  3. Adjectives
  4. Definite Articles
  5. Indefinite Articles
  6. verb Gustar
  7. Gustar + Infinitives
  8. Conjugation of ar Verbs
  9. Conjugation of er & ir Verbs
  10. Conjugation of Tener
  11. How to Conjugate Tener que + infinitive.
  12. How to Conjugating Estar
  13. Conjugation of ir
  14. Stem Changing Verbs e to ie
  15. O to UE Stem Changing Verbs
  16. E to I Stem Changing Verbs
  17. Yo-Go Verbs 
  18. Direct Object Pronouns
  19. Indirect object Pronouns
  20. Possessive Adjectives
  21. The Verb Doler


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Spanish important topics

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