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About Teacher Catalina

I am Teacher Catalina. I am a Spanish Teacher, a native Spanish speaker, and have been teaching Spanish in the USA for over 17 years, always teaching in a fun and engaging way. My passion  is to teach Spanish, share my expertise as an educator, and collaborate with people around the world .

My education and professional achievements

  • Spanish Language Education Bachelor of Science
  • Educational Leadership Masters of Education
  • 3 Time Teacher of the Year
  • Lead Teacher
  • 17 years of teaching experience (8 Years of Classroom teaching + 9 Years of virtual Teaching)
  • Spanish Learning Youtube Channel With 10K Subscribers

If you are someone who wants to learn Spanish or are taking a Spanish class at your school, college, or university, I hope these resources help you and support you wherever needed. I want you to learn Spanish in a fun, easy, and engaging way while becoming more confident in speaking Spanish. My blog and my channel are made for you, whether you need extra help for your Spanish exams, or want to communicate with Spanish speakers, or planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. In my Lessons, I cover vocabulary, grammar, Tips & Tricks, Culture, and more!!

If you are a Spanish teacher or a professor, I am super excited to share these resources with you! I truly believe in collaboration and helping each other with the intent of helping our students.

Welcome, and don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check out my Library of Resources.

Wishing you a fantastic day,

~ Teacher Catalina