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Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino: Your Complete Guide to Everything from the Pickleball to the Casino

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, once known as the Las Vegas Hilton, has been an integral part of the Las Vegas skyline for decades. Not every hotel can boast the variety ranging from pickleball courts to a buzzing casino floor. Yet, like any establishment, it has its radiant high points and potential shadows.

Pool at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Let’s explore both to determine if the Westgate dazzles or dims in the spotlight of traveler expectations.

  • Our Rating: ★★★★
  • 4.2 stars 1,123 Google Reviews
  • Amenities: Casino, spa, fitness center, restaurants, bars.
  • Pool Count: 4 outdoor pools.

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Double Queen at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Building view of Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Room TypeAverage Room Rate
Deluxe King$179/night
Deluxe Double Queen$179/night
King Suite$279/night
Two-Bedroom Suite$499/night
Resort fee: $32.77/night
Double queen at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

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Pros and cons of staying at the at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Location: on the Las Vegas StripSomewhat dated rooms
CasinoResort fee
Amenities: spa, multiple pools, fitness centerTimeshare harassment
Value: good value for the price

Why The Westgate Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. Pickleball Courts 

In an ever-evolving effort to cater to a broader audience, Westgate features pickleball, a rapidly growing sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It’s a unique offering that appeals especially to fans of the game.

2. Casino 

The Westgate’s casino is expansive, providing numerous gaming tables, slot machines, and a sportsbook, making it suitable for gamblers of all levels.

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Pool at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

3. Historical Significance 

The hotel has a rich history and has seen performances from legends like Elvis Presley. The nostalgia factor can be a big draw for some visitors.

4. Proximity to the Las Vegas Convention Center

Its location makes it an excellent choice for business travelers attending events or conventions.

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bathroom at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

5. Variety of Dining Options 

From award-winning steakhouses to more casual eateries, the Westgate offers a range of dining experiences to cater to different tastes and budgets.

6. Entertainment 

The Westgate is home to various shows and events, ensuring guests have options when it comes to evening entertainment.

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Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Location 

While it’s close to the Convention Center, it’s slightly off the main Strip, which might be a downside for those wanting to be in the heart of the action.

view from the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

2. Age of the Property 

Though it has seen renovations, the hotel, because of its age, might not feel as modern or fresh as some of the newer resorts.

3. Resort Fee 

Like many Vegas hotels, the Westgate charges a resort fee, which some travelers feel doesn’t offer commensurate value.

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Show Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

4. Ambience 

While the casino and common areas are lively, some might feel the ambiance leans more towards a convention hotel than a leisure resort.

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, with its pickleball courts, brings a unique charm to the Las Vegas scene. It blends sports, gaming, history, and entertainment into one package. 

However, its location and ambiance might not resonate with every traveler’s ideal Vegas vision. It’s a property that suits those looking for specific features, like convention proximity or pickleball, but might not be the first choice for someone wanting a central Strip experience with all-new amenities. As always, aligning individual preferences with what the hotel offers ensures a memorable Vegas stay.

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