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The Suncoast Hotel and Casino: Your Complete Guide to Everything from the Bowling Alley to the Casino

The Suncoast Hotel and Casino, nestled in the Summerlin area, is an oasis away from the buzzing intensity of the Las Vegas Strip. Catering more to locals and those who wish for a more relaxed Vegas experience, it offers a range of entertainment options, from a vast bowling alley to a lively casino floor.

But is the Suncoast a shining choice for every traveler? Let’s shed some light on its bright spots and potential shadows.

  • Our Rating: ★★★★☆ 
  • 4.3 Stars, 9,520 Google reviews
  • 3-star hotel
  • Prowess: Offers the thrill of gambling in a less crowded environment.
  • Pool Count: 2

Key Amenities: A 16-screen movie theater, bowling alley, and numerous dining options.

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King room at Suncoast Hotel and Casino
building view of Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Room TypeAverage Room Rate
King Guestroom$80/night
King Suite$120/night
Two-Bedroom Suite$160/night
Double Queen at Suncoast Hotel and Casino

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Pros and cons of staying at The Suncoast Hotel and Casino

AffordableOlder rooms
Multiple pools and a casinoSome rooms are noisy due to the casino
On-site restaurants and shopsNot as close to the Las Vegas Strip as some other hotels
Free Wi-Fi and parkingResort fee charged on top of room rates
Pool at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Why Suncoast Hotel and Casino Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. Bowling Alley 

One of Suncoast’s standout features is its 64-lane bowling alley, providing hours of entertainment for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

2. Relaxed Atmosphere 

Suncoast offers a more laid-back, less crowded ambiance away from the Strip, ideal for those who prefer a more peaceful Vegas experience.

3. Scenic Views

Located near the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, many rooms offer breathtaking views, setting it apart from the urban-focused vistas of Strip hotels.

Bathroom at Suncoast Hotel and Casino

4. Diverse Casino Floor 

From slots to table games, the casino floor offers a comprehensive gambling experience without the overwhelming crowds of larger Strip casinos.

5. Affordability 

Generally, the Suncoast tends to be more wallet-friendly regarding room rates, dining, and entertainment than its Strip counterparts.

6. Golf Course Proximity 

Located close to several golf courses, it’s a golfer’s retreat.

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Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Distance from the Strip 

The Suncoast’s location might be removed for travelers keen on being in the heart of Las Vegas action.

2. Fewer High-End Amenities 

While the Suncoast offers many entertainment and dining options, it might need more ultra-luxurious amenities or high-profile shows of the mega-resorts.

Restaurant at Suncoast Hotel and Casino

3. Less Thematic 

Travelers seeking the thematic extravagance associated with Vegas – like the Venice-inspired Venetian or Egypt-themed Luxor – might find Suncoast’s decor more subdued.

4. Local’s Casino 

While this can be a plus for many, those looking for a more tourist-centered experience might feel they need to be put in the right place among the many locals.


The Suncoast Hotel and Casino might be likened to a more tranquil, local-oriented retreat away from the pulsating heart of Vegas. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation, value, and unique offerings like its expansive bowling alley.

However, adrenaline junkies craving the high-octane energy of the Strip or those seeking the grandeur of mega-resorts might find it a touch too quiet or off the beaten path. As always, the best fit hinges on aligning personal vacation goals with the property’s offerings. For many, the Suncoast shines brightly as a less-conventional Vegas gem.

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