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South Point Hotel Casino & Spa: Your Complete Guide to Everything from the Pools to the Casino

The South Point Hotel Casino & Spa offers a slightly different vibe from the standard Las Vegas experience. Positioned a bit away from the bustle of the main Las Vegas Strip, it presents a more relaxed and spacious setting while providing abundant entertainment options.

From its expansive pool area to a lively casino floor, let’s decipher the allure of South Point and its potential limitations for travelers.

  • Our Rating: ★★★
  • 4 stars 994 Google Reviews
  • Amenities: Casino, spa, fitness center, restaurants, bars.
  • Pool Count: 2 outdoor pools.
  • Why It’s #9: This hotel offers a holistic experience. Its ranking is due to its 4-star Our Rating, just a nudge below the aforementioned.

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Double Queen room at South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa
Building view of South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa  

Room TypeAverage Room Rate
King Guestroom$65/night
Queen Guestroom$73/night
Double Guestroom$76/night
Premium King$85/night
Premium Two Queen$95/night
Junior Suite$110/night
Two-Bedroom Suite$135/night

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King room at South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa

Pros and cons of staying at the South Point Hotel Casino & Spa  

AffordableResort fee
Large roomsThe room decor feels bland
Great casino15 minutes drive to the Las Vegas Strip
Free parking

Why The South Point Hotel Casino & Spa Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. Expansive Pools 

South Point offers a large outdoor pool area, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating under the desert sun. It’s spacious enough not to feel crowded, even on busier days.

2. Variety in Dining 

With several restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual eats, there’s something for every palate, including a popular steakhouse and a seafood restaurant.

Gist shop at South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa

3. Diverse Entertainment 

Beyond the casino, the hotel is known for its bowling alley, movie theater, and equestrian event center, providing a range of entertainment options.

4. Bustling Casino Floor 

For those interested in gambling, the South Point boasts a vast casino floor with a mix of slot machines, table games, and a poker room.

Building at South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa

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5. Spa Services 

The on-site spa offers a multitude of treatments to pamper guests, from massages to facials, making it a relaxation destination.

6. Value for Money 

Often, South Point provides competitive rates compared to Strip hotels, making it a preferred choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Location 

Being located away from the main Strip can be a double-edged sword. While it offers a quieter experience, travelers looking to explore central Strip attractions frequently might find the location inconvenient.

2. Less Thematic 

Unlike some Vegas resorts that offer a strong themed environment (like Paris or The Venetian), South Point offers a more traditional hotel and casino vibe, which might lack the immersive experience some travelers seek.

3. Limited Nightlife 

For travelers looking for a bustling nightlife scene within their hotel, South Point might feel a bit subdued compared to some of the Strip’s iconic nightclubs.

The South Point Hotel Casino & Spa provides a comprehensive Las Vegas experience but in a slightly more relaxed and spacious setting than some of its Strip counterparts. It’s a haven for those looking to enjoy Las Vegas without the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the central Strip.

However, its location might not be ideal for those wanting to be in the heart of the action or those seeking an intensely thematic hotel experience. As always, preferences are key, and for many, South Point’s expansive amenities and value for money make it an excellent choice for a Vegas getaway.

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