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Silverton Casino Hotel: Your Complete Guide to Everything from the Aquarium to the Bass Pro Shop

The Silverton Casino Hotel, positioned a bit away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip, offers a unique blend of attractions that set it apart. With features ranging from an impressive aquarium to an in-house Bass Pro Shop, it promises a distinctive experience.

But how does this fit the needs of various travelers? Let’s weigh its refreshing amenities against potential limitations.

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  • Our Ranking: ★★★★☆
  • 4.3 Stars 14,946 Google reviews
  • 3-star hotel
  • Spotlight: A blend of a rustic lodge feel with the thrill of a Vegas casino.
  • Amenities: Aquarium, Bass Pro Shop, and a poolside lounge.

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King room at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated
Frond of Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the Silverton Casino Hotel

Room TypeAverage Room Rate (USD)
Resort Room$36
Double Room$39
Standard Room$39

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Bar at the Casino at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

Pros and cons of staying at the Silverton Casino Hotel

Very affordable room ratesSome rooms are dated and could use an update
Free parkingLocation is off the Las Vegas Strip, so it may be less convenient for some guests
Large casino with a variety of games and amenitiesResort fee (typical for Vegas)
Connected to Bass Pro ShopsSome guests have reported noise complaints from the casino and nightclubs
Aquarium and other family-friendly attractionsService can be inconsistent at times
Good value for money overall
Restaurant at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

Why The Silverton Casino Hotel Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. The Aquarium 

Silverton’s 117,000-gallon aquarium is a standout feature home to thousands of tropical fish, stingrays, and even mermaids! The free interactive fish feeding and mermaid shows are educational and highly entertaining.

2. Bass Pro Shop 

This isn’t just a store but an experience. The attached Bass Pro Shop is massive and offers an expansive collection of outdoor gear, wildlife displays, and even an indoor archery range. It’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Building view at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

3. Off-the-Strip Location 

Located a bit away from the Strip’s chaos, Silverton offers a more relaxed atmosphere, making it a peaceful retreat after a long day.

4. Diverse Dining Options 

The hotel caters to various tastes, from upscale steakhouse choices to casual dining options.

Double Queen room at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

5. Free Shuttle Service 

Recognizing its off-strip location, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to the Strip and the airport, adding convenience for guests.

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Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Distance from the Main Strip 

While its off-strip location can be peaceful, it might be better for those who want to be in the heart of Las Vegas’s action, especially if they’re looking to explore multiple Strip attractions frequently.

Bar at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

2. Lesser Thematic Immersion 

Different from some themed resorts in Vegas, Silverton’s theme, while present, is less immersive throughout the property.

3. Smaller Casino Floor 

While Silverton offers a casino experience, it might not be as extensive as one might find in the mega-resorts on the Strip.

Restaurant at Silverton Casino Lodge - Newly Renovated

4. Limited Nightlife 

Silverton feels subdued for those seeking a vibrant nightlife scene with clubs and extensive entertainment options.

The Silverton Casino Hotel offers a distinctive blend of attractions that stray from the typical Las Vegas experience. Its combination of nature, retail, and gaming provides a balanced entertainment palette.

However, its distance from the central Strip and a more low-key nightlife might only resonate with some travelers. As with any destination, understanding what you’re seeking – be it tranquility or non-stop action – is key. Silverton might hit the jackpot for those looking to mix relaxation with unique attractions like an impressive aquarium and an expansive outdoor retail experience.

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