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North Carolina Teacher’s Salary 2023-2024

Graph: Average Teacher Salary in North Carolina by Degree (2023-2024)

Are you considering a teaching career in North Carolina? Here’s a breakdown of starting salaries for the 2023-2024 school year, along with factors that influence your earning potential.

Starting Salaries & What Impacts Your Pay

  • Base Starting Salary: New teachers with a bachelor’s degree typically earn between $38,079 and $43,690.
  • Experience: Your biggest salary boost comes from years of service within your district.
  • Degree Level: Master’s and doctoral degrees lead to higher pay.
  • Location: Salary ranges vary between North Carolina school districts.
  • Additional Roles: Responsibilities like coaching or training can increase your earnings.

Where to Find the Highest Salaries

Wake County offers the highest starting salary in North Carolina at $43,690, while Union County has the lowest on our list at $38,440. Wake County also offers the largest pay increase for a master’s degree in the first year. For teachers with a doctorate, Wake County is again the top earner.

4 Steps To Become a Spanish Teacher in North Carolina

2023-2024 North Carolina Teacher Salary Chart:

Guilford County$44,250$47,950$50,480
Charlotte Mecklenburg$43,590$48,153$50,683
Winston Salem Forsyth County$43,400$47,400$49,930
Johnston County$41,255$45,381$50,381
Cumberland County$39,618$43,580$44,580
Union County$38,440$42,661$46,633
*Teacher will Need a National Board Certification to Reach this Pay

4 Steps to Become a Teacher in North Carolina

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree: Major in education or your chosen subject.
  2. Pass Certification Exams: Show your knowledge in your field.
  3. Complete a Teacher Preparation Program: Get practical classroom experience.
  4. Apply for an NC Teaching Certificate: Meet the state’s requirements.

Bright Outlook & Support

Good news: the job market for North Carolina teachers is strong, with substantial growth predicted. Many school districts offer tuition reimbursement to help you advance your education.

Disclaimer: Salary figures are estimates. Refer to official websites for the most up-to-date information.