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Minnesota Teacher Salary

Minnesota Teacher’s Starting Salary for the 2022 to 2023 school year is between $42,431 and $49,181 for a beginning teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no experience.  

Teachers in Minnesota earn an average salary of $68,491 a year, But a realistic number that a teacher makes depends on many factors; years of service within the school district is the most significant factor. And a close second is the degree level; after that, it depends on where you work in Minnesota. Do you teach for 10 or 12 months? Do you give training or Coach? All these factors determine the salary of a Minnesota State teacher. Below you will find a list of School Districts in Minnesota; click on the one you want to know the realistic teacher salary.

St. Paul has the highest starting Salary in Minnesota State at $49,181. This is 16% more than South Washington’s $42,431, with the lowest starting salary on our list. However, Osseo has the most significant pay bump for a master’s degree in the first year at $10,142, while St. Paul has the lowest raise for a master’s in the first year at $5,599. With a Doctorate, your best option is Osseo. Because it has the highest starting salary for a Ph.D. at $63,348. South Washington has the lowest Starting salary for a Ph.D. at $53,574  because of the Second smallest increase for a Doctorate at $11,143.

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Minnesota Teacher School District Teacher Salary Chart 2023

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South Washington County




what’s more, the job market for teachers is substantial.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs as school teachers will grow by 20% through 2026. Please consider that many colleges and universities offer tuition reimbursement programs to attract prospective college graduates who majored in education. Check with your local school district to learn more about their teacher salary policies and what kinds of scholarships are available to prospective students who plan on becoming a teacher one day.

How Much Does a Teacher Make in Your District? Please see the Salary Schedule by District below; if you can’t find yours, we are probably working on it and will post it soon.