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El Cortez Hotel & Casino: Your Complete Guide to Everything from the vintage casino to the Historic Significance

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino stands as a testament to the city’s colorful past, situated in downtown Las Vegas, away from the bustling Strip. As one of the longest-running hotels in Las Vegas, El Cortez has witnessed the ever-changing landscape of Sin City while retaining its old-world charm.

Outside view of El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 21 and Over

But does this historic establishment meet the expectations of the modern traveler? Let’s delve into its storied hallways and contemporary offerings.

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  • Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
  • 4.1 Stars 11,505 Google reviews
  • 3 Star Hotel
  • Amenities: Multiple dining venues, a vintage casino vibe, and a beauty salon.
  • Pool Count: 1

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Room at El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 21 and Over
Building view of El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 21 and Over

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the El Cortez Hotel & Casino

Room TypeAverage Room Rate
Standard Room$80/night
Queen Room$90/night
Deluxe Room$100/night
King Room$110/night
Double Queen At El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 21 and Over

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Pros and cons of staying at The El Cortez Hotel & Casino

AffordableSome rooms are dated
Great location on Fremont StreetNoise from the Fremont Street Experience
Variety of restaurants and barsIt is not as luxurious as some other hotels on the Strip
Many entertainment optionsNot pet-friendly
Free self-parkingResort fee charged on top of room rates (standard in Vegas)
Hip and trendySome guests have reported issues with cleanliness

Why The El Cortez Hotel & Casino Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. Historic Significance 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, El Cortez offers a genuine throwback to classic Las Vegas, appealing to history enthusiasts.

2. Location in Downtown Las Vegas 

It provides a change of pace from the Strip, letting guests explore the equally vibrant and more laid-back downtown scene, including the famous Fremont Street Experience.

3. Value for Money 

Generally, downtown hotels, including El Cortez, offer competitive rates compared to the Strip, granting travelers budget-friendly options without compromising on the essence of Vegas.

4. Vintage Rooms 

The vintage suites maintain their original design from the 1940s, providing a unique accommodation experience for guests.

5. Diverse Gaming 

While it might not be as vast as those in mega-resorts, El Cortez’s casino offers a wide range of classic gaming options.

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6. Local Feel 

Away from the mega-resorts’ hustle and bustle, El Cortez provides a more intimate and local atmosphere.

Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Distance from the Strip 

Travelers keen on spending most of their time on the Strip might find the location a bit inconvenient, even though it’s just a short drive away.

2. Aged Facilities 

Its historic nature means some facilities might feel dated compared to the ultra-modern amenities of newer establishments.

3. Limited Dining and Entertainment 

Compared to the vast options available in larger resorts, El Cortez has fewer choices in terms of restaurants and headline shows.

4. Noise Levels 

Given its downtown location and proximity to the Fremont Street Experience, noise can be an issue, especially during evenings.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino offers a rich tapestry of Las Vegas history combined with the essential amenities for a comfortable stay. For travelers looking to immerse themselves in classic Vegas vibes while enjoying a budget-friendly option, El Cortez stands as an ideal choice.

However, those seeking the expansive luxury, entertainment, and dining options of mega-resorts might find El Cortez a tad limited. Knowing one’s preferences and weighing them against the unique offerings of this historic hotel will determine if it’s a jackpot or a miss.

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