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Dallas Texas Teacher Salary

Dallas, Texas, Teacher’s Starting Salary for the 2022 to 2023 school year is $60,000 for a beginning teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no experience. But there are lots of ways to start higher!!

Years of experience 

Teachers with prior experience can get up to 10 years recognized for this, and this will make their starting salary up to $65,450

Excellence Initiative

This is an amazing program here in Dallas, Texas. Once a new teacher has been evaluated under the Teacher excellence initiative and has a hire date on or before December 31, 2022, their compensation for subsequent years will be based upon their earned Effectiveness Level. If a teacher receives a lower evaluation rating for four consecutive years, their effectiveness level and corresponding salary may decrease by one level in the fifth year. Teachers will not receive a base salary that exceeds the minimum salary of the next performance grouping (i.e. Progressing, Proficient, Exemplary, Master). 

The amount above the minimum salary of the next performance grouping will be paid as a stipend. Teachers eligible for a pay increase based on their Effectiveness Level will receive the increase retroactively on their October 2022 paycheck to the employee’s contract start date. Teachers not evaluated on TEI are paid on the Instructional Support Salary Schedule for the 2022-2023 School Year. For more information on the Teacher’s Excellence Initiative, visit 

Dallas Texas Teacher salary Chart:

working Days a Year187/191195205207215
Years 0$60,000$62,567$65,775$66,417$68,984

Source: Dallas School District Website 

Dallas Texas Teacher Excellence Initiative Chart:

working Days a Year12123
working Days a Year121  

Source: Dallas School District Website 


Dallas teachers are among the top-paid teachers in the country Compared to the cost of living. Much of this compensation depends on the Teacher Excellence Initiative, and if you’re a hard worker, you’ll make very good money. Move to Dallas and make a very good living compared to the national Teachers’ Salaries and with a low cost of living. 

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