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California Hotel & Casino: A Complete Guide to Everything from the Hawaiian Theme to the Dinning Options

The California Hotel & Casino, often referred to as “The Cal“, brings a touch of the Hawaiian Islands to Downtown Las Vegas. With its tropical theme and a close relationship with many Hawaiian tourists, it offers a different vibe from many of the mega-resorts on the Strip.

But how does it measure up for travelers venturing to Sin City? Here’s a look at its sunny offerings and potential clouds on the horizon.

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  • Our Rating: ★★★☆☆
  • 4.2 Stars 6,960 Google reviews
  • 3-star hotel
  • Amenities: Hawaiian-themed eateries, casinos, and meeting spaces.
  • Pool Count: 1 rooftop pool.

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King room at California Hotel and Casino

Average room rates for different types of rooms at the California Hotel & Casino  

Room TypeAverage Room Rate
Standard Room$58/night
Queen Room$75/night
Deluxe Room$85/night
King Room$95/night

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Pros and cons of staying at The California Hotel & Casino

AffordableSome rooms are dated
Great location on Fremont StreetNoise from the Fremont Street Experience
Variety of restaurants and barsNot as luxurious as some other hotels on the Strip
Many entertainment optionsNot pet-friendly
Free self-parkingResort fee charged on top of room rates (common in Vegas)
Classic Vegas charmSome guests have reported issues with cleanliness

Why The California Hotel & Casino Might be Amazing for Travelers

1. Hawaiian Flair 

For those missing the Aloha spirit or just curious, The Cal offers a Hawaiian atmosphere right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. This theme can be found in its restaurants, décor, and even in the Aloha Specialties of the hotel.

2. Downtown Experience 

Located in the Downtown area, it provides an alternative to the Strip’s hustle and bustle. The Fremont Street Experience is just a stone’s throw away, giving guests easy access to its iconic attractions.

3. Affordability 

Generally, Downtown properties like The Cal can be more budget-friendly than many Strip resorts, making it a good value for the cost-conscious traveler.

4. Dining Options 

The hotel boasts a variety of dining establishments, like Redwood Steakhouse and Market Street Café, which often feature Hawaiian favorites.

5. Connection to Locals 

Due to its strong ties with the Hawaiian community, the hotel often hosts local events and has a more ‘local’ vibe than some larger resorts.

6. Compact Size 

Unlike mega-resorts, navigating The Cal is straightforward, making it easier to get from rooms to amenities without a long walk.

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Potential Limitations for Travelers

1. Lacks Mega-Resort Amenities 

If you’re looking for sprawling pools, vast shopping arcades, or headline shows, The Cal might fall short compared to Strip mega-resorts.

2. Older Property 

Having been around since the 1970s, some parts of the hotel might feel dated, even with renovations.

3. Lesser-known Brand 

For those unfamiliar with Downtown Las Vegas or the hotel’s Hawaiian connection, The Cal might not be on their radar, leading to missed opportunities.

4. Limited Nightlife 

If you’re looking for vibrant clubs or high-profile bars, you might find the nightlife options at The Cal a bit limited.

The California Hotel & Casino offers a unique blend of Downtown Las Vegas charm and Hawaiian hospitality. It’s an excellent choice for those wanting a more laid-back, localized Vegas experience, especially if they have a soft spot for the Aloha spirit.

However, for those seeking the grandeur, modernity, and extensive amenities of the Strip’s mega-resorts, The Cal might feel a touch quaint. Ultimately, knowing what you want from your Vegas trip will determine whether The Cal is a tropical dream or a touch too down-to-earth.

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